Radar Signal Processing on "Elbrus" Processors


The implementation of chirp matched filtering on the processor "Elbrus" is considered. A program in C language is developed that implements a digital non-recursive filter (FIR filter). The generated assembler file is analyzed. The processing time is estimated. The program is being optimized using extensions of the C language. A function from the EML library is embedded.

Remote access to "Elbrus" machines is provided to perform the work. Participants must bring laptops with them and configure the necessary software tools in advance (details after registration).

The registration link will be published on this page within a few days. Registration is required. The number of seats is limited.

Technologies of the OT Scientific School: the Digital World after Solving the Shannon Problem


A master class on the development of error correction coding algorithms for all classical channels considered in the theory of error correction coding, with a large relative noise level. The master class is conducted by Valery Vladimirovich Zolotarev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, a leading researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the scientific school of Optimization Theory (OT) of error correction coding, author and co-author of 11 monographs on coding theory with the participation of academician and members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, more than 30 patents and two reference books on applied issues in the Russian Federation and coding theory technologies.

Specific majority-type decoding methods based on multi-threshold decoding algorithms and various modifications of the Viterbi algorithm are considered, including its patented block low-complexity variants with the same complexity as its classical convolutional version. Software versions of various high-speed decoders up to tens of Mbit/s and cartoon programs illustrating the theoretical foundations of OT are demonstrated. A brief presentation of the latest monographs, reference books of the OT school, as well as four network portals is given: www.decoders-zolotarev.ru , www.mtdbest.ru , www.decmtdzol.ru and www.mtdbest.iki.rssi.ru. The comments are given on the general state of theoretical and applied research in the field of TC and the achievements of the OT school, which solved at a good technological level the great Shannon problem of simple high-reliability communication over channels with a high noise level.