Presentation requirements

Regardless of the format of your presentation (online or offline format), you must present your work. IEEE papers not presented at the conference will not be published.

Requirements for presentation design

1) For the performance you have 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q&A. Please, keep in mind that one slide is shown for about 40-60 seconds.

2) On the title slide it's necessary to indicate: the full speaker's name, speaker status (if you're a student or graduate student, then indicate your supervisor), the full name of all your coauthors, the laboratory/university you represent.

3) Unified font size 18-20, no more than 8 lines of text per slide. The paragraphs must be of the same size.

4) All images, if any in the presentation, must be readable and be in high resolution. Be sure to indicate the source: if the image is taken from the Internet, then sign it with the link and the author; if you are the author, then indicate yourself and the program where the image was received (e.g. MathCad).

5) Please, use only formal business style in your presentation. It's recommended not to use exclamation marks in sentences. Avoid general phrases.

Presentation language

We're striving to keep Russian language as the primary conference's language, but at the same time we're hoping for increased international participation. Thereby at DSPA Russian and English languages are considered equal, which means that presentation can be given in any of them without the translation to the other one. Therefore the discussion after each paper's presentation could be performed in both languages; all participants (no difference whether they use Russian or English language in their presentation) should be ready for the discussion to take place using the English language.

The mandatory requirement to the presentation's design is it's readability both in Russian and English languages. At least the fundamental titles, such as the paper's title and figures' captions, should be written in both languages.